Why Trump May Actually Be GOOD For America…And the World

Yes, that title is not an error. For all of his faults, President Trump could turnout to be a good leader for the United States, as well as the world. He is currently a one-man show with no other leader in the liberal democracy world like him, but President Trump does not care. His campaign was run on that – fighting the status quo, the politically correct, and the norms of what Washington is all about. President Trump is raw, unfiltered, and plays high-stakes poker with the media. And, while his past comments and Tweets are angering people, including those in the Republican Party, there’s a method to his madness. Here’s a quick rundown of his quiet brilliance.


The “America First” Plan

This is what he said repeatedly in his inauguration speech. Trump ran his campaign on keeping jobs in the country instead of them being outsourced. This was key to his victories in the Midwest, winning states hit by these jobs going to abroad and the lack of beneficial trading with other countries. He knows it’s a gamble to take the protectionist route, but it is a risk he is willing to take – and force the hand of these countries that have benefited the most in their trade. This is why he pulled out of the Paris Agreement and why he’s pulling out of NAFTA. Free trade is not always good.


Muscle Against Muscle

The rise of ISIS and their nihilist style shows no boundaries. From a gay bar in Orlando, to a concert of teenage girls in Manchester – even in Tehran, recently, ISIS will attack anybody at any time. Every country affected by their growth has shown a lack of plan in tackling the terrorists head-on by any means necessary. The President, if he has to, will go into the grey and extinguish any sniff of terrorist talk. That is his point in his Twitter criticisms towards countries that have failed to prevent attacks from happening. If an attack of a kind happens again on American soil, the President will go beyond his proposed travel ban to protect the country – even if it means possibly violating the constitution. Terrorists must be terminated with extreme prejudice.


Becoming An Influence

Unlike his contemporaries in Nigel Farage and Marie Le Pen, Donald Trump won his election. He could be the first of his kind to successfully install the populist way of doing things that could not be done under the establishment. Trump is a revolutionary, going against the wind and smashing everything his predecessors have done. Europeans have held back from taking the dose American took in voting in such a candidate, but they have been close. Under Trump’s brand can other nations take the plunge and get radical. We could be seeing a turn in countries exhausted of corruption and failed promises, such as in Brazil, Greece, and Italy. Donald Trump is simply blazing a trail.


Donald Trump is simply doing what people in front of him failed to do. Mitt Romney and John McCain lost for being the same politician. This is why the Tea Party rose in 2010 to swamp the Republicans – and why the Democrats are feeling the heat from their own angry base. Trump was elected to give radical change that is needed in Washington. He is there to provoke and change the rules of the game. What he has been doing has grabbed the attention of the world. For some, it will be bad news; for others, it will galvanize a population felt betrayed by those who have ruled for years and done nothing but put money in their own pockets. Many questioned the conservatism of Ronald Reagan when he became President in 1980 and if it was sustainable. Look at his legacy now. This may be Trump’s turn when we look back 20 years from now.

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