Top 5 Movie Stars on Instagram

The numbers can be min-boggling sometimes but there’s no doubt that the movie industry is one of the richest and most entertaining in the world. When you make it big, your fan base grows exponentially as people clamor to know everything their favorite stars get up to. Some stars are naturals at social media and have built up huge followings, so here’s our list of the top 10 highest earning movie stars who also are also currently big on Instagram.

#1 Emma Watson: Salary* $15m, Box Office**: $9,666m; Instagram Followers: 36.6m

From her days appearing in the Harry Potter film franchise to starring in one of 2017’s biggest box office successes Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson is arguably just as famous for her work as a model, sustainable fashion icon, UN ambassador and feminist spokesperson as she is for her acting. It’s no wonder she has millions of fans everywhere hanging onto her every word.

#2 Robert Downey Jr: Salary* $33m, Box Office** $9,386m; Instagram Followers: 15.4m

A professional actor since the 1980’s, Robert Downey Jr’s well-publicised struggles with drug abuse and spells in and out of rehab have earned him just as many headlines as his acting accolades. Always a versatile and talented actor, he has enjoyed resurgence in popularity in recent years for his role as Iron Man in the Avengers film franchise as well as his portrayal as Sherlock Holmes.

#3 Dwayne Johnson: Salary* $64m, Box Office** $8,861m; Instagram Followers: 88.6m

In a little under 20 years Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has gone from WWE superstar to one of the most bankable action heroes in Hollywood. Recognising early on that he couldn’t carry a movie on his own, he cannily signed up for ensemble castings such as the Fast and Furious and GI Joe franchises. He was also one of the first movie starts to engage his fans on social media, which explains his phenomenal Instagram following.

#4 Vin Diesel: Salary* $35m, Box Office** $8,447m; Instagram Followers: 40.5m

From club bouncer to world famous action hero, Vin Diesel started acting when he was just seven years old. His most famous roles have been in the Fast and Furious franchise and his first big break came in Saving Private Ryan. On social media he comes across as a nice guy – authentic and engaging,far removed from some of his on-screen personas. The current view is that he posts updates himself rather than have someone manage it for him, why may explain his popularity.

#5 Leonardo di Caprio: Salary* $39m, Box Office** $6,924m; Instagram Followers: 17.6m

Known for his edgy, unconventional roles, Leonardo di Caprio sometimes makes headlines as much for the Oscars he “should have” won rather thanhis acting ability. His big screen break came in Titanic and, after several nominations,he finally got his Oscar for The Revenant in 2015. He’s a passionate environmentalist and set up the Leonardo DiCaprio Fund at California Community Foundation, to raise awareness of environmental  issues.


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