The Impact of Vanity Fair Magazine

Is Vanity Fair Magazine Popular and relevant

How does a magazine survive for a century if is not popular and more importantly relevant? That is precisely what Vanity Fair Magazine has managed to do. Its first edition was out in 1913 and then it ran till 1936. It was started by Condé Montrose Nast in the name of Dress and Vanity Fair. However, hit by the great depression, the magazine folded into Vogue in 1935.

It was later revived in 1983 under the ownership of S.I. Newhouse. Across the decades, many eminent editors have worked with Vanity Fair to make it the most popular magazine in the world of fashion and entertainment. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that its name is synonymous with these two words. Vanity Fair has been known for its lavish covers and full page portraits of celebrities. The one unmistakable image that stands out to this day being that of a pregnant, naked Demi Moore, entitled More Demi Moore.

Currently, five International editions of the magazine are being published in United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and Mexico. Through some dedicated efforts by the journalists and the successive editors, Vanity Fair has managed to survive through a few controversies and is still going strong. It now also has a channel on YouTube, launched in 2013.

Bold and beautiful

The Vanity Fair Magazine can also be called as bold and beautiful. Bold for its photography that was at times called controversial by many. And the beautiful covers that were so awe inspiring that you couldn’t take your eyes off it. While the name is known for fashion and entertainment, across the years, there have also been some very good articles that have been published in it.

The most notable one being the expose “The Man Who Knew Too Much” by Marie Brenner which later got made into a movie, The Insider. A concentrated effort to move beyond just beautiful covers saw Vanity Fair emerge as one of the most sought after fashion magazine that also runs stories on world affairs. This is backed by stunning photography, special issue launches etc. and they strive to keep it relevant.

For most celebrities of the entertainment and fashion worlds, it is a matter of pride to be figured in the magazine. This has been made possible through some entertaining articles about the current movers and shakers. The lively journalism has ensured that the magazine has a keen fan following.

Here to stay

It is safe to say that Vanity Fair Magazine has weathered its storms well and is here to stay. The fact that it has now become a benchmark of sorts when it comes to fashion and entertainment journalism is a testimony to the dedication shown by the people involved. Today, with Vanity Fair, you get it all, fashion, couture, popular culture, current affairs, modern society, celebrities and personalities etc. The magazine has become a heady concoction that blends all these things into excellent reading stuff. If you have not read it, it is like missing out on many things.

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