The Impact of Instagram on Millennial Sex

The social media effect with Instagram

Whether we like it or not, social media has slowly and steadily taken over the world, by and large. The Millennials, especially, are hooked to some form of social media or the other. If you are not on social media, then you do not exist, in a way. Uploading pics, making comments, gaining followers, garnering likes etc. are the objectives which drive the Millennials.

There is a trend to also pick up their partners through social media. The darker side of this is being tricked into relationships without actually knowing the person, being influenced by the posts and responses on social media etc. Social media has evolved as a place where the Millennials express their sexuality, publicize it and also seek information. In other words, the Millennials crave attention and they use social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. for gratification.

The rise of Instagram

Instagram is said to be a popular social media platform which is growing very fast. Especially for the millennial crowd, Instagram is the place to be. Add to this, the wide variety of apps that allow photos to be edited to make them look more attractive, sexy etc. and the impact of Instagram hits home. All it takes is one or two good pics on Instagram to make you famous and gain followers. It works vice versa also wherein one bad pic and you end up being emotionally down because of the comments.

A lot of promotion happens on Instagram, including self-promotion. For people, who have a low emotional quotient, this spells trouble. Self-confidence and liking one’s body is a huge part of sex, especially for women. So, when you are bogged down by negative responses on your Instagram account, you start feeling low. It is an accepted fact that humans tend to avoid sex when they feel low. This is one reason why Millennials are said to be having lesser sex.

High awareness

Many studies conducted in the United States have published their reports stating that there is a high amount of awareness among the Millennials about sex due to social media like Instagram. The kids of today are more aware about sex and its implications. They do not believe in having sex for the sake of it or to prove a point. Earlier, if you were 16 and have not had a few partners, it was considered that something was wrong with you. But, not anymore.

Today the kids are more responsible about having sex. The brighter side of this is that it will reduce teen pregnancies, chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases etc. Instagram is therefore acting as an aid for the Millennials to collect information, be aware and use it wisely. But, we cannot forget the other aspect which also puts them under pressure that they lose confidence in themselves and their bodies. The key perhaps, is for them to find the right balance. Not everything that is put on Instagram is the actual truth; Photoshop and many other photo editing software do exist, after all.

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