Apple: America’s First $1 Trillion Company?

When the tech giant unveiled its latest earnings statement, every financial investor and employee on Wall Street raised an intrigued eyebrow. With their share price up between 35-38% and a total market value of over $800 billion, Apple is well on its way to becoming the country’s first trillion-dollar company. The remarkably positive financial reports being released lately along with the upcoming release of the next generation of iPhones have left many experts feeling hopeful that Apple can make the jump.

Unsurprisingly, it will depend heavily on Apple’s share price. It is currently hovering around $162, with some experts projecting that it will need to rise to at least $165 to make it happen. Fortunately, many of the folks on Wall Street predict the price will rise up to 20% over the next year. $1 trillion is a substantial goal and it certainly isn’t going to happen overnight. But with the way things have been going for them, the odds are pretty good.

Beyond vacillations in share price, Apple’s fresh batch of iPhone 8s will also do plenty to help them to the finish line. Their biggest profit stems from their mobile devices more so than their personal computers. Company officials have tried to keep details under wraps, but it’s been rumored that included in the new iPhones being released next are three unique models, one of which is a premium model retailed up to $1,400.  A radical re-design and new technological additions like facial recognition are Apple’s best chance at sealing the deal. It seems fitting on this, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, that Apple commemorates it with one of the marketing risks it’s known best for.

Though their phones are the big moneymakers, Apple never really stops innovating. Apple fans can expect to see new Apple Watches and TVs released with their next round of product launches. It’s pretty clear that their “secret” to success is the consistent innovating and dedication to driving the industry forward with brave new designs and technology. As it stands, the company has a lot going for them. They’ve consistently turned out popular products, their stocks are up, and they have a very loyal consumer base. Admittedly, Apple may have been a bit behind on certain trends (big cell phones, home speaker system, etc.). But now that they’ve got it all figured out again, it’s pretty safe to assume they’ll be on the fast track to $1 trillion.

So where do they go from here? According to the wise folks in the technology world, Apple would do well to market their iPhones as a hub that connects a lot of other “side” products. In linking a collection of useful products together, they are creating a steady chain of demand. Apple’s imagination doesn’t really seem to have a limit; their products have already changed the lives of millions for the better. Once they hit that $1 trillion mark and beyond, it seems safe to say that they will continue improving our daily lives.

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